How did you do that thing that you did to my heart ? I wonder! The tradegy is that i found myself into you, sleeping peacefully and in no  case would i want to wake myself up from that sleep. How i took a deep look into you and saw weird butterflies flying towards me. … Continue reading Unrequited


Outrageous affairs

Recently being diagnosed with severe anxiety, things haven't been the same lately. Hours are now spent into realisations and self actualisation. I could have easliy gone into the well of remorse and then would come a stream of self doubt inside the dry well , that could have easily drowned me. Instead, grateful to my … Continue reading Outrageous affairs

Art of strategic selling

Selling is often considered as a ‘gift of the gab’ and not a skill which can be acquired and transferred. Oddly as it may seem, a lot of people do not prefer calling their selling job a… Source: Art of strategic selling