You know how a product sells? A product sells in the most fundamental way possible . No amount of channels can help you sell your products if you don’t approach to sell it in a rudimentary way. How was instagram able to make 1 million people download their product in less than a day? And no point harbouring your stakes on technology and economic factors since they were definitely strong determinants but not the fundamental driver of this need.
They had an awesome looking product ” and their basic definition of success lies in this particular fact only.

A product will manoeuvre its growth in the market only by its ability of providing and taking care of the needs of the people.
A product should be able to provide way more  tangible/ intangible form content than it asks from its users.

You cannot expect a product that give out less content than its competitors and still expect people to love it.
I like to compare people as sophisticated as they may be with honey bees, a very simple analogy. As honey bees are attracted towards the most brilliant ,artistic and vivid flower , people too are driven by needs that are brilliant and vivid.

Brilliant and vibrant products are more easy to see, use ,follow and share. The people using it are able to explain it in an easier way . To engage lies the in-depth key.

To engage people with your product you should be able to create a need tempestuous enough and very identical to what you and i feel whenever we see a person over social media posting about their birthday’s , engagement, marriage , birth etc.
The need is generated out of many factors like expecting a conversation to strike out , sharing happiness or able to share your story . These events feel important to us and thus create a need to engage with the concerned person.
Your product should be able to create a similar need.
Rethink about your product offering before anything else. That is your key to a huge market.




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